Verify Authenticity of AlertCare Products

1. AlertCare products come with hologram sticker. Simply scratch the silver coating to see 16-digit security code.

2. Then enter your 16-digit security code and click "verify". If your code is available in our internal database, it will shows "Your product code is valid!"

3. The use of counterfeit products can be extremely dangerous, so in case of any doubt, or if the code on your product appears to be wrong, do not hesitate to contact us at for further assistance. 

4. AlertCare Authenticity Verification System ONLY verifies 16-digit security code. DO NOT verify other numbers on the package, such LOT number, UPC code or Cell phone number. Otherwise, the system will show "Invalid" which DOES NOT mean your product is counterfeit. 


AlertCare products which produced before Jul 1st 2020 DO NOT have hologram sticker with silver coating that covers 16-digit security code. Please DO NOT verify it on this page. If you purchased via authorized distributors (see "SHOP ONLINE" on the main menu), then your product quality is guaranteed. If you still have questions, please contact customer service center at for further assistance.