Stressing About COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are Tips To Help You Sleep Better


Stressing About COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is vital, deprivation can weaken the immune system which leads to higher probability of acquiring disease.

  • People who are stressed and have anxiety normally don’t get enough and proper sleep.
  • Regular sleeping quality and pattern is vital for becoming a healthy well being physically or mentally.
  • Less sleep means weaker immunity, inflammation can increase which makes us vulnerable to various diseases

Great sleep quality is paramount for our body’s and brain health.

And we know after the spread of COVID-19 we tend to overthink, feel scared, and sowing 

anxiety to different levels which makes good night sleep nearly impossible.

To tell you frankly, getting good quality is more important now than ever so we should fix that! Sleep has a direct effect in our body’s ability to stay away from the novel coronavirus. Together with sleep a great hygiene should also be observed like frequent and proper handwashing and social distancing. In this article we will help you get the proper healthy sleep we all need at times like this so keep reading.

  • Make a routine and strictly do it
  • Most people's lives were changed upside down due to the pandemic, some have been laid off, started working from home trying to balance family and work and even schooling. No matter what you are upto now you should make a schedule to follow everyday so your sleep patterns will be the same. Wake up at the same time, set eating time, working, playing with kids, online schooling, nap and sleep times perfectly each day.

  • Naps are perfect but don’t overdo it
  • Quarantined and have nothing to do but house work? I know bed and couch seems to be calling us a lot! It’s fine to take naps but don’t over do since this can make you terribly sleepy all day. 

  • Do some exercise
  • Home workouts are the best thing you think of these days! It's important for our health also in sleep but don’t do it before sleeping time.  

    “Getting exercise during the day is really important,” said LeMonda, “We know that that’s tied to improved sleep for pathophysiological reasons: We will feel more tired if we’ve exerted ourselves. We will also feel more accomplished that day as well, so there will be a sense of achievement before bed.”

  • Get enough news, don’t get too much information
  • Thinking of Covid-19 may infect you, your loved ones or the thought of your community have increasing cases and it's all over the news 24/7! 

    “Whenever we go to the news, it’s always about the novel coronavirus and it’s quite upsetting. It’s reality, but it’s also something that can increase our anxiety. I would say schedule and structure the times when you check your phone for news updates,” said Singh.

    Help yourself don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts, limit social media news and tv news. Yes we need to be informed but how to avoid it and keep you and family healthy is enough, don’t join the hourly tracking and counting because believe me it will make you sleepless!

  • Limit blue light exposure
  • Where do we get blue light? Laptops, tablets, computers, mobile phones, televisions name it! Technology is everywhere in our house but limits it as well especially before bed time. “We do recommend that within the hour prior to sleep that the person tries to unplug and not really be watching TV, not being on their phone, and certainly not watching anything that could be anxiety-provoking,” said LeMonda.

    Instead, she recommends activities like reading a book or listening to music as means of entertainment before bed.


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