First Aid: Introduction


First Aid: Introduction


You’ll never know when will accidents happen to you, your loved ones, or to a stranger. It’s always great that you have proper knowledge of what to do aside from calling the ambulance. Every second count and can save a life so here in this article we will start to tackle about first aid. 

Many organizations offer first aid training, including the American Red Cross and St. John Ambulance. As you provide basic medical assistance to someone experiencing a sudden injury or illness that is called first aid.

First aid consists of the initial support provided to someone in the middle of a medical emergency. This support might help them survive until professional help arrives often minor incidents includes: treat minor burns, cuts, and insect stings.

3 Steps For Emergency Situations:

  • Check the scene for any possible danger
  • Be aware of your surroundings, check everything like signs of fire, falling debris, or violent people. If your safety is at risk, remove yourself from the area and call for help. If you think the scene is very safe, assess the injured person don’t move them unless you must to protect them from danger take note some case maybe crucial and you must and never move as that may worsen their case.

  • Call 911, ask for medical help
  • If the situation is worse and maybe life-threatening don’t think twice and call 911, you can ask another person in the room while you are performing the first aid, if you are alone try to call them first before anything else.

  • Provide medical care
  • If you can do so safely, remain with the sick or injured person until professional help arrives. Cover them with a warm blanket, comfort them, and try to keep them calm. If you have basic first aid skills, try to treat any potentially life-threatening injuries they have.

    Remove yourself from danger if at any point in the situation you think your safety might be at risk. It’s great that you will have proper training and make sure you only sign up with a known first aid training company. One thing is for sure if you are interested, you are doing right!


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